How to grub like a champ after the Shamrock Shuffle


Competitive running is challenging at every level. Succeeding at hitting your goal time requires a lot of work. You have to develop the discipline to commit to training and changing your diet as well as become efficient enough in all of your other tasks in order to pack it all in.

We applaud everyone who pushed through these obstacles in preparation for tomorrow’s Shamrock Shuffle sponsored by Bank of America. We know that you’ll push hard to cross that finish line, and that the last thing you’ll want to do after all that work is celebrate in a long line at a restaurant. You’re king of the 8k and should be shown right to your seat. With that said, you should check out some of the restaurants using NextME.

NextME allows restaurants to use your cellphone number to hold your place in line, and give you a countdown on when your table will be ready giving you time to hop in the shower at your hotel, ice your knees and stretch, or anything else you’d rather spend your time doing over waiting in the freezing foyer of a restaurant after running your butt off. Take a look at NextME partnered restaurants:

If you're interested in using NextME at your restaurant click here to set up a demo and we’ll come to you.

If you're waiting to dine in, NO need to download an app! Just ask your resturant host to NextME :-)

Good luck at the race everyone!

Happy Waiting, NextME Team