NextME App Updates

We're happy to announce that we've made some updates to the NextME App. We want to thank all of our existing customers for their valuable feedback as their input has gone a long way into helping us to determine new features to include. With that said, lets take a look at whats new!

After launching NextME, one of the most requested features has been the ability for hosts to easily track table numbers. The addition of table tracking as a feature allows us to offer more robust analytics and contributes to the accuracy of our quoted wait times.

Table tracking is accomplished by simply adding the table number you anticipate seating your patrons in the “Table #” field on the live waitlist.


New Navigation Bar and Icons

If it's your first time using the app in a while, you may notice the addition of new icons and an updated navigation bar on the waitlist page. The updated icons allow every member of your staff to quickly understand and interact with each party (without clogging the waitlist page with too much text). You are now able to view the number of text notifications sent to guests, quickly mark parties complete and queue them up in the waitlist. With the new navigation bar in place, you can use the buttons to quickly filter the queue by table size and that's not all!


Diner Communication

NextME 1.0 allowed hosts to communicate wait times for diners through a generated page sent directly to their cell phone. Diners would receive a text notification letting them know that their table was ready and to return to the restaurant in the allotted time (grace period). With updates to the app you now have more control over that process. You are now able to adjust the grace period to match the pace of your restaurant. In addition, if you've taken a party off the waitlist (whether purposefully or accidentally) you can easily return them to their place through the addition of new menu options.


Take advantage of the Mobile Marketing Platform


Use the web link found in your patron’s text message to display menus for diners to browse -increasing table turns, upsell bar specials, and/or boost your social media pages- keep your patrons engaged during long waits increases retentions and sales.

In order to get started on NextME’s mobile marketing platform, we will need your marketing collateral for us to display. The following content(s) is what is most popular with our restaurant partners: Menus, Social Media Pages and Bar Specials/Images.

Submitting images, files and marketing collateral for your landing page is simple. All you have to do is send a quick e-mail over to with at least 48 hours in advance of the post date to make your landing page is tested and ready.

For the full list of updates and to receive an updated training guide for NextME click here.

If you want to schedule a demo for your restaurant, give us a call at 408.909.6398 .


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